Social networks design

Social networks accounts maintaining, targeted advertising and creative by leading digital agency. Professional SMM promotion with guaranteed increasing of subscribers and orders quantity.
What professional community design will give you?
Social networks traffic to site raising and big involvement.
Raising of your company status for subscribers
Raising of leads and personal messages quantity
Social networks design steps
Target audience analysis
Visual design
Posts creation
Results approval
Properly defined TA is keystone to advertising campaign success and also to viability of the whole project. At the same time it is not important whether you promote in social networks or out of the Web.

Afterwards, it will help you in time of promotion stages defining and targeted advertising configuring
We develop design for pages and channels headers, social networks posts design based on collected data and customer demands.

To order efficient promotion of your page, contact to the best SMM promotion agency – Diplex SMM.
Expert, entertaining, selling posts. We write all of this from our souls and in target audience language.

High quality content induces user to learn more about product or buy it instantly.

Subscribers (and new customers among them) will gladly follow your community and take a part in its evolution.
Мы занимаемся интернет-маркетингом с 2017 We work at Internet marketing since 2017 and have a very popular blog for this theme. We work with big brands, Our team is trustworthy because we already have good reputation which is precious to us.

We sign the contract and strictly comply with the requirements.
Why should you trust us?
Diplex SMM is an agency with 4 years of efficient working. We are the official partner of Vkontakte and it proofs our success and reliability. You can order community design in the following social networks: VK, FB, Instagram, Odnoklassniki. We also can offer other services like complex SMM.

Agency team is directed to sells raising because community design and the brand in general should indirectly serve this purpose. We guarantee quality and in-time execution of tasks. In the first month we perform testing campaigns and promotion and looking for the result. And since second month we are ready to fit into specific KPI
Effective advertising
Bright design
Community Management
Interesting content
Making business with no advertising is like to wink a girl in darkness
Stewart Britt.
Design price
ОInstagram design
✓ Profile design (avatar, bio, contacts)
✓ Profile filling (stories design, brand filter)
✓ Targeted advertising configuration and maintaining
✓ Page maintaining – 1 post per week.
From 10 000 rubles
Facebook Design
✓ Profile design (avatar, cover, contacts)
✓ Filling in the profile (call to action, corporate filter)
✓ Setting up and maintaining targeted advertising
✓ Maintaining the page - 1 post per week.
from 12,000 rubles
Youtube decoration
✓ Profile design (avatar, bright banner)
✓ Filling out the profile (creating a header, corporate filter)
✓ Setting up and maintaining targeted advertising
✓ Maintaining the page - 1 edited video per week.
from 15,000 rubles
Twitter styling
✓ Profile design (avatar, bio, contacts)
✓ Filling in the profile (design stories, proprietary filter)
✓ Customize background and select colors
✓ Maintaining the page - 1 post per week.
from 15,000 rubles
Pinterest Display
✓ Profile design (avatar, bio, contacts)
✓ Filling in the profile (creating a visual)
✓ Statistics analysis
✓ Maintaining the page - 1 post per week.
from 10.000 rubles
Instagram promotion
Today, Instagram is the number 1 social network in the world. Absolutely everyone have an account in this social network. For the most of us, Instagram is not just the place where you can look some beautiful photos and videos but a workplace where people promote their businesses.

It is hard to find high quality SMM promotion agency and work with big volumes among all Moscow agencies. Feature of our agency is not only our perfectionism but also that we don't strive to recruit maximum amount of customers to fill our wallets.

We work with chosen partners for quality. Loyalty and wellness of our clients always was the top priority for our company.
Facebook promotion
Facebook is the gold mine for some kinds of businesses. This social network tools are not so commercialized like VK tools but its audience is more than businesslike and oftenly obtains some serious money. We can analyze, is your TA located in Facebook and promote your business or offer you promotion in another sonial network.

Do not experiment with self-promotion in social networks if you don't want to spend too much money. You need proper analysis and promotion strategy in such cases. “Smart feed operation algorithm is not revealed by Facebook representatives but wide experience of various projects promotion pushed us to a conclusions by which we achieve higher results.
Vkontakte promotion
Creation and proper design of the community is the Vkontakte promotion main step. It should be done according to all rules from the very start. Because if you will make mistakes in this step, then all your further promotion efforts can be ineffective.

VK community design is not a whim but a serious selling element. We recommend to do it thoroughful because menu design, avatars and miniatures perform the first impression about your community and influence people better than text.

Reaching high results in social networks SMM-promotion is supported with financial guarantees and noted in contract.
Reviews about us
All works were completely done in preliminary discussed time and in full accordance with contract. Company operatively and professionally accomplished all tasks considering our demands as a customer. We hope for mutually beneficial and productive collaboration in future.
Valentina Petrova
We collaborate with this agency and are very satisfied with our choice. This company is very comfortable to work with because we know that all tasks will be completed in time and with maximum efficiency. I recommend this company. These pals will do their best!
Olga Il'inskaya
I want to thank this company for mutually beneficial and productive collaboration. Task is done on high professional level and causes positive responses. Final result exceeded all my expectations! They definitely are professionals in what they do!
Maria Bogdanova
We collaborate with this company for a little time but even so they recommended themselves from the best side. Considering difficult specifics of our request and the field we work in general, I should say this company showed us maximum loyalty and comprehensive professionalism during our partnership.
Il'ya Pryahin
This SMM agency promotes our project for more than a year. During this time we estimated all professionalism of this company. Valuable factors for us became lower cost among other agencies and also positive dynamics. Moreover, we estimated capability of direct chat with our audience, feedback receiving and also our positive image improvement.
Valeriya Belukh
I express my gratitude to this company for opening new horizons and opportunities for self-regulating companies in advertising and marketing. We think that work, performed by this agency, allowed us to stand out of our competitors. We are absolutely suited with independence and creativity of this agency. Content always fits our tasks and target audience needs. Also we have nearly no necessity to interfere their job. We hope for mutually beneficial and productive collaboration in future.
Victoria Vasil'eva
We kbow how to design your profile best.
Our team contains designers and SMM specialists with big work experience, besides we can organize a perfect connection between you web-site and social networks.
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